Google goggles to popular fashion is key!

Wearing a Google glasses will be brought into a strange new world where, when people look at the world, the Internet will always pop up. But if you see someone wearing the glasses, those scenes all the more curious ? some people will face with computer processor, battery and on a small oakley sunglasses
When Google and other companies began manufacturing Wearable Technologies, such as eyeglasses and watches product, this is not known for its fashion industry, will face a new challenge--how to look stylish. Design on the technology industry has been very important, like Apple (Apple) products can be produced by a fashion symbol, design hardware that people can wear like jewelry, but it is a completely different eyeglasses
Google faced this challenge very difficult, one of the signs is that Google's ongoing consultations by Warby Parker company to help it design a stronger sense of fashion frames, which sells trendy glasses and e-commerce start-ups. This information comes from two related negotiations, those who know, because cooperation has not yet been officially announced, they had no public statements made by the authority. Warby Paker and Google declined to comment.oakley outlet
In addition to the two companies, and other enterprises in responding to this challenge, including Apple, Nike (Nike) and large companies such as Jawbone, there are Pebble, MetaWatch and small company Misfit Wearables. For example, the Jawbone track health status Up wristband is made up of yifubeiaer (Yves Behar) design, he was the company's Chief Creative Officer and a well-known designer, has worked with the fashion and furniture companies. Allegedly, Apple made a smart watch, the company arranged for the company of some of the top designers, to create a comfortable and elegant radians glasses.glassespop

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