Not only is innovation: why the Google stock price better than Apple?

Since the Apple after the loss of the world's most valuable company, into 2013, the stock below its highs of last year fell by about 40%, in contrast, Google's share price rose all the way this year, it could even become the first technology company share price broke us $ 1000. Why had once is industry and investors watch of crazy rose of Apple stock and also zhiqian does not is watch of Google (at least in last year, Google shares of performance does not satisfactory) in oakley sunglasses sale
this year formed has near ice fire double days stark instead of stories? has analysis think, this is because Apple of innovation force weakened, also has comments think, from recently Google oakley sunglasses cheap
glasses (Google Glass) and Chromebook of publishing see, Apple "cool" of Thunder is Google preemption has. In fact, innovation and "cool" is a relative term. Judge whether an enterprise has continued to develop, and is mainly look at their products and services in the industry, and as cheap oakley sunglasses
a revenue model is irreplaceable, and ductility. There is no denying that Apple is currently still in the Smartphone and tablet computer industry bellwether, but in both of these areas are also the most competitive field, foes say there has been a strong challenger to Samsung. Call cheap oakleys
Samsung is Apple powerful Challenger, is because it is cheap oakley sunglasses
not only the most important source of revenue and profit only profit in the Smartphone industry, is blessed beyond the Apple market share, as its revenues and profits in the future, on the ultimate Apple laid a good basis for profitable and beyond. If, this is only at the product level challenges, important ecosystem in the Smartphone industry, Google Android has a 70% per cent of the market share last year beat out Apple.

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